Friday, March 11, 2016

Student work for my early Cold War StoryMap assignment

This week I assigned my students to create a StoryMap to demonstrate their mastery of key events of the early Cold War era.  I blogged about that assignment a few days ago here, and the first student work is coming in.  Click here to see one terrific example.
What I really like about this assignment is that it requires the students to drill down deeper than if they had simply filled out a worksheet, or even if we had discussed these events in class.  StoryMap is a presentation tool, and there are other fine presentation tools to use with our students.  The fun is mixing it up so that every new assignment looks fresh.

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British Princess said...

Thanks for a very informative video. I must say that including video into the post makes it more informative and entertaining. It is easier to follow the topic when you have visual aids to support it. Also, I am grateful for the very good post on the Cold War, I had to say that I had to check these points to make that the information piece was accurate and I could include it in my lesson plan on Cold War as well. I hope to reach the goal you are pursuing in your post and that The fun of mixing it up will help the students make every new assignment looks fresh.