Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Terrific video series on the African-American experience

BBC has a terrific series of 51 short videos (each under 9 minutes) on the African American experience from World War II, through the Civil Rights Movement, to more modern times.  The series, titled "Witness," offers a mixture of narrative and first-person recollection to illustrate each topic.  This video is about the World War II-era Tuskegee syphilis study.
This video is about the 1960 Greensboro lunch counter sit-ins.
This video is about the 1963 Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama.
And this video is about the 1992 Los Angeles riots (following the acquittal of police officers charged with beating Rodney King).
Everyone of the videos in this series is well-produced and engaging.  Click here for the link to the entire series.

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