Sunday, January 3, 2016

Another essential site for primary source sets

Another essential site for primary source sets is Primary Source Nexus.
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The site is generally well organized.  
  • Its Themed Link Sets are organized into five categories: Culture, Events, History, Sports, and Subject Areas.
  • It has a Today in History feature.  
  • It has a Teaching & Learning tab with links to primary source tools.
There is a lot to like about each primary source set.  Each one begins with a concise background essay followed by a clear set-by-step lesson plan.  All the necessary primary sources are included within the set.  Each lesson is correlated to Common Core standards and has links to other resources for additional investigation.

While I stand by my praise of this site's organization, I have some suggestions about how that could be tweaked.  First, I would like to see a tab that references all the primary source sets in chronological order.  Second, most of the linked subjects listed in the Themed Link Set called Subject Areas should more properly be placed in the Culture set.  Maybe the remaining subjects could be renamed Technology.

These points do not detract from the overall utility of this site.  As such, it remains a go-to site for valuable and engaging lessons and primary source materials.

Follow Primary Source Nexus @PSNTPS for updates to their collection.

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