Sunday, January 3, 2016

'Twas the night before January 4

Here's how I'm gently reminding my students that they need to get back to their daily textbook reading.
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Subject: Hope you enjoyed your homework-free winter break!

(Please resume your daily reading (using the Reading Guides in Course Materials) on Monday.  Today/Sunday  you should simply check the Assignment Calendar and locate your textbook.)
‘Twas the night before January 4 and behind the house gates
APUS students were scurrying to remember their due dates.
The textbooks were in book bags or maybe just lost
Where could they find them, how much would one cost?

When inside their heads there arose such a clatter
They logged off of Netflix to see what was the matter.
Surfing to Blackboard without a sidetrack
Remembered the next quiz (on Reconstruction!) on their first Wednesday (for Pd.3) or Thursday (for Pd.2) back.

Now Lincoln!  Now Johnson!  Now Sumner and Stevens!
Who were these people, what were their meanings?

The students began to hunker down with their books
Avoiding their relatives quite confused looks
And studied just like before winter break
Knowing that not reading (and taking notes and studying!) would be a mistake.

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