Saturday, January 2, 2016

My favorite history podcast

My favorite history podcast is BackStory.
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BackStory is an engaging and entertaining discussion of historical topics concerning American History.  Its hosts are scholars, all three of whom are fun to listen to (and can be very funny).
  1. Peter Onuf, the "Eighteenth-Century Guy," is a scholar at the University of Virginia and expert on the founding period, especially on Thomas Jefferson.
  2. Ed Ayers, the "Nineteenth-Century Guy," is President Emeritus at the University of Richmond. One of his books won the Bancroft Prize.
  3. Brian Balogh, the "Twentieth-Century Guy," is also a U.Va. scholar and is expert in commercial nuclear power.
Image result for backstory with the american history guys
L-R: Balogh, Ayers, Onuf
Each week's show is dedicated to a different historical topic.  What makes the show particularly fun is that the selected topics are not just rehashes of traditional lectures.  For example, recent episodes have focused on Confederate symbols in America, disability in America, and a history of shopping in America (the name of that episode was "Counter Culture.")  (I told you that they could be funny).

Each episode is about 50 minutes.  You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or as an RSS feed.  You can follow them on Twitter @BackStoryRadio.

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Thanks for the love and for listening! We hope we can continue to be a valuable resource in your classroom!

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