Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Interactive map of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Kudos to the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History for their terrific interactive map of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  It's a great tool to show and/or share with your students.
The map was made by Stephanie Townrow, a Digital Humanities Producer at the Institute.  As of tonight I'm following her on Twitter!  She's @StephTownrow.

Two asides about the map.  First, the Lewis and Clark map was made with StoryMapJS, a product of the Northwestern University Knight Lab.  I love StoryMapJSt!  I've already assigned my students two projects this year where they would make maps with this interactive tool.  Here's my favorite tutorial (8:46) on how to use it:
Second, the Institute generously supports a wide array of programs and resources for school teachers.  (Full disclosure: I was accepted to attend a Gilder Lehrman summer teacher seminar several years ago, at Oxford (!) (yeah, that one), on the age of Lincoln).  Information is available by clicking here.

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